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Awarding of Academic Credit Guidelines

Document: GL013: CPEE Guidelines for Awarding of Academic Credit

Date of Approval: Thursday, 28 April 2016
Date of Implementation: Thursday, 28 April 2016

These Guidelines provide information for the awarding of academic credit within CPEE Programs. Credit is based on recognition of learning through prior experience and/or studies (RPL). The awarding of RPL means that a student enters the program with advanced standing within their CPEE program of study. These guidelines do not apply to CPEE nested programs.

Academic Credit

CPEE may award Specified Credit or Unspecified Credit. The awarding of credit means that a student who successfully applies for credit shall have a reduced number of Units to complete their CPEE program to meet the requirement for graduation. For example a CPEE student who has been awarded 2 Units of Credit in the Masters of Pavement Technology will need to complete (pass) a further 6 Units to meet graduation requirements.

Specified Credit

This is where credit is given for a specific CPEE Unit(s) based on where prior learning has satisfied the objectives, learning outcomes and assessment requirements of the CPEE Unit(s). Typically such prior learning will have been gained through previous study at AQF Level 9 and which has been assessed by a higher education provider. Credit may also be awarded for such study at AQF Level 7/8 plus professional experience at a postgraduate level. Typically around 3 years of relevant professional experience after graduation is equated to one (1) AQF Level for the purpose of determining any awarding of credit.

Unspecified Credit

This is where credit is given for an unspecified CPEE Unit(s) based on where prior learning is viewed to be consistent with the broad outcomes of the CPEE Program and its graduate attributes. Typically such prior learning will have been gained through study at AQF Level 5/6, work based experience and recognised professional development programs, including short courses. The typical method to apply for Unspecified Credit is through presentation of a portfolio, which demonstrates relevant learning outcomes at AQF Level 9.

Maximum Credit

Applications will be considered for up to 25% of any CPEE Program. For the Master of Pavement Technology this is 2 Units. For the Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology this is 1 Unit. Special consideration will be given for waiving this limit under special circumstances.

Applying for Academic Credit

All applications for academic credit must be made using the CPEE form “Application for Academic Credit”, emailed or mailed to the CPEE Higher Education Officer, with certified attachments as per the instructions within that Form.