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Awarding of Degrees with Merit and Distinction Procedure

Document: PR010: Procedure for the Awarding of Degrees with Merit and Distinction

Date of Approval: Friday, 12 February 2016
Date of Implementation: Friday, 12 February 2016

Purpose of Procedure

The processes and systems outlined in this document are intended to support implementation of the student assessment policy.


Refer to CPEE Glossary of Terms

Procedure Processes and Systems

The awarding of CPEE degrees with merit and distinction is based on the following processes and systems.

CPEE Process for the Awarding of Degrees with Merit or Distinction

The CPEE recognises students’ high achievements in their studies through the awarding of its degrees with Merit or Distinction. A degree is awarded with merit or distinction based on a calculated Grade Point Average (GPA) after meeting the specified award criteria. Refer to PC002: CPEE Process for the Awarding Degrees with Merit or Distinction.

The CPEE Grading System.

The CPEE grading system consists of three parts. The first set is the final grades awarded to a student as a result of study undertaken during a semester. CPEE uses a Criterion-Referenced System for awarding such grades where students are evaluated against an absolute scale. The second set is interim grades which indicate where a student is undertaking further assessment prior to being awarded a final grade in a Unit. The third set relates to grades awarded for study undertaken external to CPEE or for recognition of prior learning.