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Guideline for Students Utilising Surveys for Research Projects

Document: GL017: Guideline for Students Utilising Surveys for Research Projects

Date of Approval: Monday, 24 April 2017
Date of Implementation: Monday, 24 April 2017

Surveys typically involve human research and ethical approval is required for all research undertaken by CPEE students that involves any human research. Human research is defined here as research conducted with or about people, their data, and/or their tissue. People can be involved in research by taking part in surveys or interviews, or focus groups.

A student must identify if they believe that they may require ethics approval for their research on their CPEE630 Industry Research Topic Form or KNE520 Work Based Project Topic Form. If the proposed project does involve human research, a student must apply for ethics approval exemption, and must not begin any research activity until approval is received. To obtain an exemption students must complete the CPEE Form for Application for Exemption of Human Ethics Approval for Industry Research Report or Work Based Project Report.

The CPEE will only consider granting ethics approval exemption for human research that only involves the use of surveys. The CPEE does not support any other type of research that requires Human Research Ethics Approval. Any survey cannot be distributed until it includes a participant information sheet, the research has ethics approval and the final survey questions have been reviewed and authorised by the Unit Chair. Refer to the GL007: CPEE Guidelines for Human Research Ethics Approval.

The Unit Chair shall liaise with students who indicate that they may require Ethics Approval. The Unit Chair shall also advise students whose projects appear to require Ethic Approval but have not so indicated. In both cases the Unit Chair will provide advice on any need for ethics approval. Cont...