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Process for the Late Submission of Assessment Items

Document: PC003: Process for the Late Submission of Assessment Items

Date of Approval: Thursday, 02 July 2015
Date of Implementation: Thursday, 02 July 2015

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1. Introduction

This CPEE process provides details on the submitting of assessment items after the due date and the grading of those late item. The process has been developed while recognising that the period specified for Unit Chairs to grade assessment tasks is 10 working days. The process includes:

  • The maximum post-submission date period for submittal.
  • A sliding penalty system for late submission up to the maximum period.
  • Student applications for an extension without penalty up to the maximum period.
  • Delegation to the CPEE Higher Education Officer (HEO) for decisions on granting extensions and waiving of penalties.

2. Maximum Time for Late Submission

The maximum time for late submission of assessment tasks is 5 working days after the specified submission date excluding weekends and public holidays. The default submission time/day for all CPEE assessment tasks is midnight on the Sunday of the week due.

3. Penalties for Late Submission

Penalties for late submission commence at 12.01am on the day immediately after the specified day for submission. A penalty sliding scale of 10% per day is applied for assignments submitted late and without a granted extension.

4. Grading of Late Assessment Tasks

The assessment task should be graded as usual and the awarded marks multiplied by the 100% minus the penalty. For example, an assessment task submitted 2 days late and graded at 65% would be awarded 65x80% = 52%.

Work submitted after 5 working days will not normally be graded. Under special circumstances approved by the HEO assessment submitted after 5 working days will be awarded a mark of 0% and will be reviewed with feedback provided.

5. Special Consideration

All applications for special consideration must be submitted in writing only to the Higher Education Officer (HEO) within 3 working days of the submission date/time. The maximum extension without penalty for submission that will be granted will be less than 10 working days after the specified submission time/date. This allows for release of grades to other students by Unit Chairs within the 10 working days grading time frame.

Any application for submission without penalty made to the HEO must be accompanied by acceptable evidence such as a medical certificate, a formal letter from an employer stating unforeseen staff movement, illness within the family or death of a relative or close friend.

Matters of long duration that significantly affect student performance are not covered by this process and are considered through the CPEE Special Consideration Policy.

6. Appeals

Appeals regarding late penalties or the HEO’s decision on an application for extension without penalty will be referred to Academic Board.