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Student Code of Conduct for use of the CPEELMS

Document: CO003: CPEE Student Code of Conduct for use of the CPEELMS

Date of Approval: Monday, 15 August 2016
Date of Implementation: Monday, 15 August 2016

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The CPEE uses its learning management system (LMS), which is based on Moodle to help facilitate teaching and learning. All students studying at CPEE will use the CPEELMS for a broad range of activities including accessing teaching material, corresponding with Unit Chairs and other students and to submit and receive feedback on assessment tasks. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set out standards expected of all CPEE students with respect to use of the CPEELMS including student forums.


This code of conduct for use of the CPEELMS sits within the overarching CPEE Student Code of Conduct. Inappropriate use of the CPEELMS may be viewed as academic and/or general misconduct as outlined in the CPEE Student Code of Conduct.

CPEE Expectations of Students Accessing the CPEELMS.

It is generally expected that students will:

  • Access the CPEELMS at least once per week in order to access material, activities and readings that are required for their Unit/s;
  • Engage in forums and any other online activities;
  • Communicate with other students and Unit Chairs and
  • Notify Unit Chairs or the CPEE Office regarding any difficulty accessing material, activities and readings that are required for their Unit/s.

Use of Student Forums

Student use of forums must comply with the CPEE Student Code of Conduct, including avoiding Academic and General Misconduct. As indicated in the Code of Conduct students must undertake their academic work with integrity and honesty, avoiding fraud, plagiarism, and cheating. The following points provide some guidance on the use of forums by students that will assist compliance with Honesty in Academic Work.

  • An Open Forum is where all students, Unit Chair(s) and CPEE Staff have access. A Restricted Forum is where only team members and the Unit Chair(s) and CPEE Staff have access.
  • Open student forums are only to be used as general discussion areas where broad questions may be posted and responded to. If a student is unsure if the post is permitted they can request clarification from the Unit Chair.
  • A question posted to a forum such as, “does anyone have a solution to the assignment”, and any answer to such a question, would be considered to be in breach of the student code of conduct.
  • A question posted to a forum such as; “can anyone tell me where the material in the notes is related to pavement roughness?” would be considered reasonable.
  • Use of a CPEELMS Open Forum by a group of students working together on an assignment would be collusion (a form of plagiarism and/or cheating) with possible penalties ranging from a reduction in marks up to exclusion, dependent upon the level of collusion.
  • In some Units where student teams exist a Restricted Forum will be constructed for each team. If teams are producing a single report then all relevant material is permitted on the forum and open correspondence between members permitted.
  • Assignment specific questions should be directed to the Unit Chair and not to other students on the forum.
  • The Unit Chair will regularly review the CPEELMS to answer any questions, message and forum posts
  • The Unit Chair will notify the CPEE Office of any issues with the CPEELMS and/or non-compliance with the CPEE Student Code of Conduct for use of the CPEELMS.