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Student Graduation Principles and Procedure

Document: PR014: Procedure and Principles for Student Graduation

Date of Approval: Thursday, 01 September 2016
Date of Implementation: Thursday, 01 September 2016

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1. Purpose of Procedure

To ensure the fulfillment of all conditions for the conferral of award.

2. Definitions

Refer to CPEE Glossary of Terms

3. Principles and Requirements

The following principles and requirements apply for all Award Programs.

  1. A student who has satisfied all requirements of the Award Program in which they are enrolled within the maximum time allowable is termed a Graduand of the CPEE.
  2. An Award may be conferred by Council after the CPEE Higher Education Officer has certified all the conditions of the Award have been fulfilled and approval to proceed has been ratified by the Chair of Academic Board.
  3. The Chairperson of Council or their nominated Council representative will officiate at any graduation ceremony if one if organised.
  4. Subsequent to conferral of an Award the student is termed a Graduate of the CPEE.
  5. A student may elect to have their Award conferred in person at a graduation ceremony if one is organised or in absentia. Awards will normally be conferred in absentia.
  6. Any graduation ceremony shall be stipulated by CPEE Council.
  7. Graduates will be presented with a Testamur at the graduation ceremony or via mail if the Award is conferred in absentia.
  8. A Testamur will not be issued to a student with a debt to the CPEE.
  9. Posthumous Awards may be made at a graduation ceremony to a family member present, or in absentia.
  10. CPEE Council reserves the right to revoke an Award that has been incorrectly or mistakenly conferred, or achieved conferral by academic misconduct or dishonest means.
  11. The CPEE administrative process for the verification of completion of award conferral is outlined as follows:

* Refer to procedure pdf for associated flow chart

4. Roles & Responsibilities

The HEO is responsible for application of this Procedure. All students and staff must comply with this Procedure.