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Student Unit Fees Policy

Document: PO003: Policy on Student Unit Fees

Date of Approval: Thursday, 29 October 2015
Date of Implementation: Thursday, 29 October 2015

1. Purpose of Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that CPEE Student Fees are representative of the sector, competitive and undergo annual review.

2. Policy Statement

CPEE will ensure that Student Fees are representative of the sector, competitive, undergo annual review and are in accord with CPEE’s business strategy.

Student Unit Fees shall be

  • set in July for the following calendar year
  • applicable for the full calendar year
  • reviewed annually, including benchmarking in line with the CPEE Procedure for the Determination of Student Unit Fees. The CPEE benchmarking process ensures that its Fees are competitive in the sector and reflect the support provided by CPEE’s partners.
  • published in the CPEE Annual Fee Schedule

All student unit fees shall be paid according to the terms and conditions of enrolment.

Grandfather rights do not apply.

3. Definitions

Refer to CPEE Glossary of Terms.

4. Scope of Policy

This Policy is applicable to all CPEE staff and students.

This Policy does not apply to partnership arrangements.