Mincad Systems




Mincad Systems is a leading "specialist" computational mechanics group servicing the numerical modelling needs of the Australian mining and geo-engineering industry.

Formed in 1987 as the first "specialist" computational mechanics group to service the numerical modelling needs of the Australian mining and geo-engineering industry. The founders, Leigh Wardle and Ken McNabb, have a combined 40 years experience. Its principal objectives is to promote intelligent, efficient and effective use of state-of-the-art computational techniques in mining and geo-engineering.

Mincad Systems provides numerical modelling software and services for mining and pavement engineering. They develop and support the CIRCLY, HIPAVE and APSDS pavement design packages. Their consulting business specialises in advanced numerical stress analysis for mining rock mechanics.

Website - http://www.mincad.com.au/





Circly6The CIRCLY computer aided design program is used within the CPEE Postgraduate studies unit "Pavement Design", and is the basis of the CPEE short course titled "Mechanistic Pavement Design-CIRCLY. The introduction of the just released CIRCLY 6.0 is a bonus for students and delegates alike.

Dr Leigh Wardle, presenter of the CPEE short course and author of the CIRCLY program, advises that CIRCLY 6.0 is a powerful user friendly, Windows-based package that automates mechanistic pavement design and analysis. "This Australian designed system has been in regular use world-wide for more than two decades proving its worth in thousands of design applications. Since 1987 it has formed an integral part of the Austroads Pavement Design Guide, the standard for road design in Australian and New Zealand." Read more ...