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In-House Customised Short Courses in high demand

CPEE is in the midst of a period of significant demand for short course training with a total of seven 1, 2 and 3 day courses being requested by individual state road agencies and Councils.

Maintenance being the major focus its an indicator that the pressure is on for better outcomes with reduced funding and the courses were seen as a way to have improved capability in employees and awareness of the latest techniques and practical experiences to enable improved performance of the road asset.

In NSW in-house courses were sought by the State Road Agency Roads and Maritime Services, and the local government councils of Greater Taree City Council (with two integrated courses) and Singleton Council (also with two integrated courses).

In Queensland an in-house course was commissioned by Gladstone Regional Council, whilst in Victoria consulting firm ERSCON engaged CPEE to present its Mechanistic Pavement Design - "CIRCLY" course to its key engineers.

With most customised courses having some 18-24 delegates there are now over 120 more knowledgeable and skilled employees as a result of their employer initiative, now providing greater value for their employers in return.