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Challenges for Roads and Pavements: now and into the future

Wednesday 27 May @ 2.00 – 3.00 pm - Free

Presenter: Kym Neaylon, PhD(Civil), BEng(Civil), CPEng, MIE Aust, NER Executive Manager (Professional Development), CPEE

Pavement design incorporates a wide range of variables that include materials from differing geological sources, seasonal moisture variations and changes in traffic loading over time. Therefore, predicting the life of a pavement brings a lot of risk particularly when balanced against financial constraints to build or maintain pavements. The use of modern civil engineering materials can help reduce the risk by maintaining the integrity of the pavement for a longer period which also contributes to reducing the requirement for maintenance activities during the life of the pavement.

Key themes:

- Emerging trends or issues in pavement performance
- Emerging Materials
- Quality of the unbound fill materials
- Current design principles used for sealed & unsealed roads
- Emerging trends in pavement design

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