The majority of units require students to complete an end of semester examination as part of their formal assessment. Students enrolled into these units are automatically registered for the examination following the completion of the semester enrolment/re-enrolment form.

Monash University examination division, on behalf of CPEE, will confirm your examination details and venue each semester. By utilising Monash University's examination centres, we are able to provide the majority of students with a local venue for sitting their examinations.

If you live more than 150 kilometres from an approved exam venue, or have a medical condition or disability that precludes travel to an exam venue, you can request the use of a Special Local Invigilator (SLI). It is the student's responsibility to locate a suitable invigilator and provide the details of the "Request for a Special Local Invigilator" form. Please contact Monash University for advice This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monash University will issue notification 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the exam period. This notification provides students with:

  • The address of their examination venue
  • Examination start time and
  • Other important information relating to the examination

Please check this information carefully as venues and times may vary for each examination.

If you have not received your notification by this time please contact CPEE to confirm. All examinations, unless otherwise stated, are 'closed book'.

Examination Venues

Please refer to the following examination venue information and listing when completing your enrolment/re-enrolment form.