What to Pay

What to Pay

The information and tables below outlines the approximate fees that a student will incur for their semester enrolment into a unit of study in the year indicated. It is possible, however, for students to undertake units from other providers towards completion of a postgraduate program, in which case the unit fees may vary. Please note all fees are reviewed annually as per the Policy on Student Unit Fees and Policy on Student Administrative Fees. Fees are subject to change. All fees for the following calendar year will be listed on this page in October each year.   

Semester Unit Fees

Full-Fee Place

Units undertaken in CPEE programs are full fee paying and are not eligible for Commonwealth support or FEE-HELP.If you are a domestic student in a Full Fee Paying place you must pay full tuition fees for your studies.

Note - 

  • Your unit fee is payable by the issued invoice due date or the semester start date, whichever occurs first. 
  • If your unit fee has not been paid by the relevant census date, you will incur a financial liability for the debt and access to the CPEELMS removed.

How do I determine my student unit fees?


You are considered a DOMESTIC student if you are:

  • a citizen of Australia;
  • a citizen of New Zealand
  • a dual citizen of Australia and any other country;
  • a Permanent Resident of Australia; or
  • on a Permanent Humanitarian Visa.

These criteria apply even if you completed your schooling outside Australia.

Dual Citizenship

If you have Australian or New Zealand citizenship and citizenship of another country, you are considered to be a Domestic student – even if you completed your schooling outside Australia.


You are considered an INTERNATIONAL student if you are:

  • a citizen of any country except Australia or New Zealand;
  • a temporary resident (visa status) of Australia;
  • a permanent resident (visa status) of New Zealand.


Semester unit fees will be invoiced to you automatically once you have enrolled in the unit/s you wish to study. If you have not received your invoice within 2 weeks of submitting your semester enrolment please contact CPEE directly.

Semester Unit Fee Schedule

2022 Student Type  
Domestic International Field of Education
Program Standard
Per Unit
Per Unit
Graduate Certificate in Asset Management $3,195.00 $3,670.00 080315
Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology $3,195.00 $3,670.00 039999
Master of Pavement Technology $3,195.00 $3,670.00 039999
Single Unit (Non Award) $3,195.00 $3,670.00 039999

Administrative Fees & Charges

Hard Copy Notes

For some units you may be able to purchase a hard copy of the course notes.

Application Fees

CPEE currently does not charge an application fee for its postgraduate programs or single unit study.

Refund Fees

Students requesting a refund will incur charges for refunds to international bank accounts. Students requesting a refund may also be liable for other fees depending on when they withdraw or if their enrolment is cancelled due to non-compliance.

Academic Transcripts and Statements

Students can request copies of their Academic Transcripts, Completion Letter or Statements of results from CPEE. Refer to Administrative Fees for costs

Enrolment Fees

A late enrolment fee may be incured for enrolments submitted past the advertised final date of enrolment and/or variations to existing enrolments made after this date. 

Administrative Fees Schedule

Fees - Administrative

Administrative fees (GST-free) Fee (AUD)
Replacement Transcript $50.00
Replacement Statement of Results $30.00
*Hardcopy Course Notes $105.00
Letter request (electronic) (if not a current student) $30.00
Letter request (hardcopy) (if not a current student) $40.00
Administrative charge for dishonoured payment $20.00
Late Enrolment fee (past advertised date of enrolment) $100.00
**Late change to Examination venue (past late notification date) $345.00
+Late Withdrawal fee (past census date but if fees are refunded)  $200.00
Late variations to enrolments (per variation)  $50.00
^Late payment of fees (past scheduled date of fee payment)  $50.00


  • * Fee includes postage within Australia. For notes sent outside of Australia postage will be calculated prior to sending
  • **This fee charged to CPEE by the Examination Provider
  • + Only applicable if exception to full payment of semester fees is granted on appeal
  • ^ Not incurred if late enrolment fee of $100.00 is incurred unless payment of fees is not made within the scheduled payment date
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