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The ARRB Group publish conference proceedings, design guides, manuals, and research reports on a wide variety of road-related and other issues. They include publications on Asset Management, Environment, Materials Technology, Pavement Design, Safety, Traffic and Transport. APRG publications and Conference Proceedings are also available at: 


ARRB Reports, Manuals & Proceedings

ARRB Reports, Manuals & Proceedings -


The publications divide into the specialist areas such as Pavement Design, Performance & Management


Those areas then devolve to detailed research reports such as the Technical Basis of Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology - Part 2: Pavement Structural Design (2013).


ARRB MG Lay Library

The ARRB MG Lay Library plays a key in national and international land transport information provision. It provides information across all sectors, within Australia and internationally. The NIS supports content provision for the Australian Transport Index (ATRI). The database contains over 175,000 records and grows by over 300 records a month. It provides Australian and New Zealand land transport publication details and also information on relevant international material

The Road Research Register

The Road Research Register is an online information source for Australian and NZ road-related research projects. It is designed to promote awareness of road-related research activities and provides project information includes issue, methodology, contacts and outputs. It also provides details of research in progress and archives of completed projects