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Dr Kym Neaylon

Austroads Outstanding Award 2023

Congratulations to Kym on receiving an Austroads Outstanding Award 2023 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Austroads and to the pavements industry over many years

Kym is a current academic/unit Chair at CPEE, past member of CPEE Learning and Teaching Curriculum Committee (LTCC), member of SPARC hub academic advisory, was awarded an Austroads Outstanding Service Award.

He was nominated by the Austroads Pavement Task Force to acknowledge his significant work and contribution over the years. This is a fantastic recognition of Kym’s passion, dedication and contribution to the pavements industry. Kym has been a staff member of CPEE for many years before retiring 18 months ago but has remained as an expert academic for CPEE and sharing his knowledge and expertise with our students.

CPEE congratulates Kym for receiving this award!

Extract Austroads award citation:

Dr Kym Neaylon has been a stalwart of the Austroads Pavement Task Force (PTF), and Austroads Bituminous Surfacings Technical Group (BSTG) often leading the way with technical issues with projects such as the properties and field performance of polymer modified binders (PMBs).

He first joined Austroads committees back in the 1990's, was the chair of BSTG in the early 2000s, and continued his service from New Zealand as the New Zealand Transport Agency advisor on PTF.

He has been a technical editor for countless Austroads documents and reports

One of his significant milestones was the initiation, application , and continued monitoring of the national PMB sprayed seal trials at Cooma and Coober Pedy, with the Coober Pedy site having a major performance evaluation after 10 plus years of service life in 2022.

Kym's service to Austroads spans four decades, and during that time he has always been a key contributor and influencer.