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Welcome to studies bannerThe Centre for Pavement Engineering Education Inc. (CPEE) is an accredited private provider of higher education that specialises in courses servicing the road and pavement sector. With programs ranging from intensive one day short courses through to postgraduate Masters level awards, CPEE aims to meet the needs of someone new to the industry as well as the established practicing professional.

CPEE's strong links to University and industry partners provide courses that are a unique mix of academic learning combined with real world practical experience.

Australia has about 800,000 km of roads. Did you know that two thirds of them are unsealed? Did you know it takes quite a different engineering mindset to maintain this network compared to a sealed road network?

In a sealed pavement it is the effect of commercial vehicles eats into the pavement life, while the impact of cars and light vehicles can be ignored.

Unsealed roads fail through surface wear, most significantly when the ‘sheeting layer’ slowly disappears in a cloud of dust. In these situations the damaging effect of cars is just as important as trucks.

Because of this, unsealed roads can be a large consumer of natural materials. How sustainable is this? What engineering controls can be used to manage this?

These and many other unsealed road ‘quirks’ and issues were explained and discussed at a two-day training course held by CPEE in Tamworth recently, and attended by local government staff from several adjoining councils. Many of the delegates were surprised at the number of tools and options available to help manage their networks. Some of them said they wished that their Councillors could have attended, too!

Tamworth is well known as Australia’s home of country music. What if were to become the home of country roads, as well?

Can you think of a more fitting place to update your pavement knowledge, than at Pit lane of the Townsville V8 supercar circuit? This is just what 20 cadets, technical officers, Engineers, and infrastructure managers and team leaders did just recently.
The participants, from various local government and State Government bodies, understood the benefits that ongoing professional development would have not only for their own benefit, but also for rate payers and taxpayers who expect engineering solutions that provide the best value for money.

The Australian design guide for road pavements has recently undergone its largest technical change in decades. Following several years of research funded by Austroads, some past assumptions that erred on the conservative side were able to be fine-tune, based on new knowledge arising from research and understanding. The axle configurations of the Australian heavy vehicles fleets has changed considerably, and in some parts of Australia far more than others. The new design method now allows for high risk / high budget projects to be designed appropriately, and in the process reducing pavement thickness. Some ‘shift factors’ built into ‘reliability factors’ have also been eased due to better knowledge. This enables designers to reduce pavement thickness enabling construction material costs to be significantly reduced, freeing up funding for additional work. It is this better knowledge that the course attendees were looking for. The Centre for Pavement Education (CPEE), a highly specialist training provider and endorsed by Austroads, were engaged to work directly with the organisers to provide continuing professional development and in-depth understanding of pavement design in the unusual but highly appropriate surrounding.

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CPEE offers an extensive range of short courses each year, involving a team of presenters from different areas of the roads and pavements sector. The events are largely structured around the learning's offered in CPEE Post Graduate studies along with content closely linked to the relevant Austroads Guides and/or Australian Standards

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Work Place Support for CPEE Students

CPEE knows that there are often colleagues and friends of our students who encourage our students throughout the course of their study, sometimes by suggesting they undertake this study, sometimes by being a “sounding board’ for discussing the unit content. Once again CPEE is grateful to acknowledge the particular support of Work Based mentors for students in the Industry Research unit and the Work Based Project unit.

A NEW ERA in Pavement Design has come to Australia with the release of the 2017 edition of the, Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology: Part 2: Pavement Structural Design. The most extensive update to the Guide in more than a decade will significantly change the way in which designers develop next generation pavement engineering solutions. The new Guide was released in December and the changes have been incorporated into various CPEE Short Courses. Don't miss this change to enhance your knowledge and skills!

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Graduation Ceremonies for 2017

Following the conclusion of the 2nd Semester of 2017 Academic year, a total of 11 students successfully completed the requirements to be awarded either a “Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology” (Grad Cert) or a “Master of Pavement Technology” (MPT). The successful Graduands gaining formal approval from the CPEE Governing Council were:

Student Program Employer Location 
Benjamin Harvey Grad Cert      Golder Associates Pty Ltd WA
Arthur Apostolopoulos Grad Cert VicRoads VIC
Steven Puli Grad Cert State Roads Division| Dept of State Growth    TAS
Yusuf Bardi Grad Cert  Melbourne Metro Rail Authority VIC
Steven Middleton MPT City of Swan WA
Shoukry Marzouk MPT VicRoads VIC
Davin Slade MPT Cardno VIC
Nischal Subedi MPT Dept of Infra. Planning & Logistic NT
Rahul Pratap MPT Prataps Civil & Asphalt Quarries Ltd FIJI
Christopher O'Dea MPT Newlands Civil Construction QLD
Freddy Salvador Gamarra   MPT SMEC International Ltd PNG

 A number of Graduation Ceremonies were held in February and March where it was convenient for Graduands to attend personally to receive their Testamurs from CPEE Chairman, Peter Mitchem or CEO, Ray Farrelly.

Graduation Melb 1 201803

Photo Above - Three Graduands (Rahul Pratrap (left), Davin Slade and Shoukry Marzouk) each receiving their Masters Award at CPEE Ceremony in Melbourne in March 2018 with CPEE Chairman Peter Mitchem and CEO Ray Farrelly (far right) .

Graduation 2 2018 Perth

Photo Above - Two Perth based Graduands (on left, Steven Middleton - Masters, and Benjamin Harvey – Grad Certificate) at Ceremony on 15 March 2018 with Ray Farrelly CPEE, CEO and at far right, Bob Andrews CPEE Unit Chair presiding .

Student Excellence Award Winners

Award Harry Chambers

 Photo Above - Harry Chambers receiving Austroads sponsored CPEE Student Excellence Award – 2017 (Fundamentals of Road Pavements) per Ray Farrelly, CEO, CPEE, in Perth.

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