There is a continuing need for increased capability and knowledge in the work environment particularly in technical areas associated with the design, construction and maintenance of road pavements and other major infrastructure assets. Yet there is also increasing pressure on time and it is frequently not possible or convenient to undertake study via face to face courses at Universities. The distance education programs offered by the Centre for Pavement Engineering Education ( CPEE ) provide a unique and convenient option to learn and gain relevant knowledge and qualifications without the need to attend classrooms.

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Single Unit Study

Units Available

For candidates looking to study a single unit non-award

Units may also be selected to suit the needs of individuals wishing to update specific knowledge and become more productive in their workplace. This means that students are able to apply what they learn directly to their day-to-day activities. It is also possible just to undertake a single unit on a specific topic for those wishing to gain a focused learning immediately.

CPEE's unique and targeted distance education approach is well regarded by the whole of the roads and pavements industry, including state and local governments.

Theses practical courses encourage the direct application of the skills and knowledge acquired into the workplace and is further facilitated by the distance education format. The programs aim at providing students with the knowledge and skills to fill senior positions in these specialist fields within state & local government, public works authorities and with engineering and infrastructure planning consultants.