Units of Study

CPEE's units of study have been developed taking inputs from industry, government, research bodies and the private sector to form a package of study that delivers desired outcomes for both student and employer, nationally and internationally. Our units draw on the lastest Australian and international standards, technical and research developments along with practical 'real world experience' to provide life long learnings and outcomes. CPEE offers these technical units as part of its postgraduate award programs or as single units of study:






 600, KNE551   Fundamentals of Roads and Pavements Yes Yes
 601, KNE552  Road Pavement Design Yes No
 602, KNE553  Pavement Construction Yes No
 603, KNE554  Road & Pavement Surfacings No Yes
 606  Heavy Duty Pavements No Yes
 607, KNE506  Pavement Management Systems and Performance No Yes
 609, KNE556  Road Asset Management Yes No
 613, KNE550  Road Construction & Drainage Principles Yes Yes
 614, KNE516  Water and Drainage Engineering and Management No No
 615, KNE508  Project Evaluation and Management No Yes
 616, KNE514  Pavement Renewal - Rehabilitation & Reconstruction  No Yes
 617, KNE513  Road & Pavement Maintenance Yes No
 619, KNE515  Contracts: Principles, Management & Risks Yes No
 630  Industry Research Yes Yes
 KNE510  Asset Management Fundamentals Yes Yes
 KNE509  Asset Management Practices No Yes
 KNE519  Infrastructure Financial Management Yes No
 KNE520  Work Based Project Yes Yes
 KNE521  Water Essentials No Yes
 KNE522  Management of Water Assets & Risks No No