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Customised Courses

The benefits of a customised short course for both employees and employers of any organisation are many. With the ability to provide a greater focus on the key issues that each may be facing or to simply provide a harmonious environment for rapid upskilling of employees, these tailored courses can provide a far greater return than is possible during a regularly staged public course.

As delegates often have strong working relationships, the training tends to be more extensive due in part to the participants being on or about the same level of understanding. The issues and topics covered in a customised course can be tailored to each organisation and even to the locality of the event and its participants.

Past experiences have been highly positive and the demand is growing with the customisation concept gain popularity due to the additional value that results. Companies, individual Councils/groups of Councils and SRA's have all utilised the "customised" approach.

With the CPEE ready capability to present its range of courses in regional centres, greater call for customised courses in non-capital city locations is occurring. Why not explore the possibilities of a course being held for your organisation, or in your region? Don't hesitate to contact CPEE if you or your organisation is interested in the benefits from a CPEE customised course.

If you are interested in staging a customised short course, please contact the short course team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or alternatively you can complete an Expression of Interest form and return to CPEE.

Though the inclusion of local or in-house co-presenters, the courses provide not only for the latest learnings from Austroads publications and industry experts but also draw on the local best practice techniques and developments.

When courses are held locally or "in-house" this assists in minimises the individual travel time, accommodation and related costs that are common with attending specialised courses limited to in key city hubs. Additionally the time away from work is also reduced.  Further cost and time saving is possible when the venue is held on-site.

If required, assignments can be arranged to internally assess each delegates understanding of the topics covered, thus allowing the employer to measure the effectiveness of the training and measure capability levels.