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CPEE Short Courses go “Live Online” PRESS RELEASE #1



CPEE will continue to provide quality learning and training by delivering its short courses via ‘Live Online’ webinars during the COVID-19 situation. CPEE ‘Live Online’ webinars are a convenient alternative for CPEE face-to-face short courses which have been be postponed with a resumption date unlikely before October.

To meet the challenge, and with over 20 years of delivering education online, CPEE ‘Live Online’ webinar offerings will provide a valuable online learning experience with minimal lessening of delegate engagement. 

CPEE CEO, Ray Farrelly, said “For each short course delivered by online webinar we will provide the same expert Presenter, the same full set of printed Notes (folder containing text and PPTs), the same Course Program and content as well as question and answer sessions”.

However, we were determined to set the bar high, and will add value by responding in writing to all submitted questions plus, where appropriate, we have added a separate optional Workshop session to conclude the course. This will enhance the learning and enable more Presenter commentary on the course and on any additional questions.

A further additional component, at no cost, will be the chance for delegates to undertake a formal assignment where offered, based on the course content, and submit for assessment. A successful outcome on the assignment would allow CPEE to issue a “Certificate of Attainment”, in addition to the standard “Certificate of Attendance

CPEE “Live Online” courses now available are: (links provided for further details)

Not everything has to be put on hold due to the COVID19 restrictions – you can, through CPEE, continue to satisfy your CPD requirements, upgrade your knowledge or skills enhancement, and develop your career path and promotion opportunities.

As Australia’s pre-eminent education and training entity specialising in roads, pavements, and asset management, CPEE is geared to support you in your quest for ongoing learning.

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