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If you withdraw from a unit(s) after the census date, academic and financial penalties my apply, dependent on when you withdraw. In normal circumstances, you are not entitled to a refund of fees after the census date of a unit has passed.


By enrolling into a unit of study you acknowledge you have reviewed the related dates; including semester start, end, academic and financial penalty dates, including the census date, along with the related penalties that may be imposed for variation to or withdrawal of that enrolment. Refer to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment for full details.

You can get a full standard refund without penalties or fees:

  •  If you withdraw before the semester census date for your unit

You are not eligible for a refund

  • If you withdraw post the semester census date of your unit
  • for units already provided
  • If you do not complete the program within its mandatory timeframe in which case your enrolment expires without refund, unless you have been approved for an extension.

To be eligible for a standard refund you must have:

  • withdrawn from the program prior to the semester census date, and have paid the relevant unit and associated fees.
  • If there is an outstanding debt associated with your program, please contact CPEE for possible payment options.