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Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard is a Technical Director of Pavement Engineering at GHD, where he leads a diverse team of pavement specialists. He has 13 years’ experience in the fields of flexible and rigid pavement design, pavement management and pavement research.

Andrew developed a foundation of pavement materials and design knowledge through completion of his master’s degree in pavement technology at CPEE. His contribution to Austroads pavement research working within ARRB Group’s pavement materials group, including projects on cemented material characterisation and the influence of multiple axle groups on mechanistic-empirical design.

During placements with Fugro in Canada and U.A.E., Andrew delivered and managed pavement data collection and pavement management projects for state departments of transportation across North America and the Middle East. He presented pavement data collection research findings at conferences for TRB, IRF and TAC.

Since joining GHD in 2015 in Queensland, Andrew has gained extensive experience in road and industrial pavement design. He has led numerous pavement rehabilitation design projects primarily for Queensland DTMR, Transport for New South Wales and Transurban.