KNE522: Management of Water Assets and Risks

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Unit Overview

Management of Water Assets and Risks is designed to provide an engineer, infrastructure asset manager or student studying engineering in society, an understanding of the place of essential infrastructure such as that for providing water to the community and removing water wastes and residuals to ensure a well serviced and healthy community.

The unit begins tracing the history of public initiatives to provide safe drinking water by building public facilities such as water treatment plants and sewerage collection systems. Dealing with wastewater (or sewage) and the network of wastewater or sewerage collection and treatment assets follow. Procedures to ensure that risks to the water supply or wastewater system are identified and managed are detailed.

Climate change is impacting the management and risks to the water infrastructure system. There are now new pressures to ensure that services are delivered sustainably, that water is conserved, especially during drought, and that Australia’s assets and their performance, in these and other operational criteria benchmark favourably against similar infrastructure assets overseas.

This unit is ideal for engineers intending to work in state and local government where there are significant requirements for servicing water infrastructure particularly in regional and rural areas. Aspirants seeking a future in Infrastructure management will also benefit from completing this unit.

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