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Part-Time Student
Students are considered to be part-time if their student load is less than a Full-Time EFTSL for an academic year
Pathways allow students to move through qualifications levels with full or partial recognition for the qualifications and/or learning outcomes they already have. Pathways apply only to programs in which there is a conditional offer to a subsequent program eg Grad Cert to Masters.

Plagiarism is the practice of using or copying someone else's idea or work and pretending that you thought of it or created it

Policies state the major principles and provisions that provide the governance parameters (framework) or the philosophical approach to a particular issue. Policies specify the broad approach to a particular subject and are created under the overall direction of CPEE Council by either Council itself or under its delegated authority. Policies can also include Codes of Practice or Codes of Conduct. The following principles apply in relation to all CPEE policies and procedures: Policies are mandatory. All members of the CPEE community must understand their responsibilities and comply with policies and procedures when carrying out their duties. Policy and procedures must be applied fairly and consistently.
A student enrolled in but not yet completed or graduated from a graduate certificate graduate diploma masters or doctorate program.
Postgraduate Coursework
Postgraduate coursework programs are intended for graduates and practising professionals who wish to develop advanced knowledge and competency in their area of expertise or to gain advanced knowledge in a new area. Completion of a postgraduate coursework program requires students to undertake a sequence of courses rather than research (although a research component may also be involved).
Postgraduate Program
A program of study that leads to the award of a graduate certificate graduate diploma masters degree or doctorate.
Postgraduate Research
Completion of a postgraduate research program requires students to undertake supervised individual research rather than postgraduate coursework although in some circumstances a coursework component may be involved.
Potential Graduand
A student who can expect to complete program requirements at the end of the current semester/session on the successful completion of the courses for the semester/session.
Pre-requisite (Award)
A requirement to have completed studies in a field or discipline prior to gaining administration to a specified program.
Prerequisite (Unit)
A unit that must have been successfully completed prior to a student undertaking another unit usually due to the need for a student to have particular knowledge in order to successfully engage with the curriculum in the latter unit.
Designated study requirement.
Prescribed Course
See also Core Course.
Prescribed Elective
See Elective.
Primary Supervisor
The chief person giving special advice on the particular nature of the topic.
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