Unit Code: 619

Contracts: Principles, Management and Risks

This unit provides students with the opportunity to attain advanced knowledge for professional level work with engineering construction contracts, their management and delivery. It will help to impart cognitive skills to think critically about the administration, management, supervision, construction and delivery of engineering projects, within the context of the relevant legal, risk and conflict resolution frameworks. While the specific terms of a construction contract may change by way of revisions to standard or industry based contracts, the legal principles underlying each of the terms remain constant. This unit will help ensure the development of the specialised technical, managerial and creative skills required to successfully manage and deliver engineering contracts.

Unit Specifications
Programs Master of Pavement Technology (MPT) (AQF Level 9), Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology (GCPT) 
Unit Name Pavement Renewal – Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
Unit Code 619
Duration One semester
Credit Points 1
Delivery Mode Online


Co requisites
  • 600: Fundamentals of Roads and Pavements,
  • 613: Road Construction & Drainage Principles
Unit Chair Dr Jo Devine
Unit Topics

Topic 1 – Introduction to road maintenance
Topic 2 – Routine and periodic maintenance
Topic 3 – Modes and mechanisms of pavement distress
Topic 4 – Flexible pavement maintenance
Topic 5 – Rigid pavement maintenance
Topic 6 – Unsealed pavement maintenance and shoulder maintenance
Topic 7 – Drainage maintenance
Topic 8 – Other maintenance activities
Topic 9 – Maintenance management
Topic 10 – Maintenance and pavement management systems

Unit History

This unit was formerly titled: Construction Contract Law

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