Unit Code: 641

Sustainable Physical Infrastructure

Sustainable infrastructure is defined for this Unit as the designing, building, operating, maintaining, rehabilitating, and decommissioning of infrastructure structural elements over their life cycles. Definitions may vary both nationally and internationally. Infrastructure includes such as transport, public health, water, sewage treatment, energy, and telecommunication that are critical to the sustainability of communities. The Unit provides a broad treatment of the many facets of sustainable infrastructure including the role of asset management, integrated design, smart structures, sensing technologies, performance monitoring, the impact of changing environments and the life-cycle approach to infrastructure planning and management. Research skills will be developed through extensive literature surveys and communication skills evaluated though a Case Study.
Unit Specifications
Programs Graduate Certificate in Asset Management (GCAM) 
Unit Title Sustainable Physical Infrastructure
Unit Code 641
Duration One semester
Credit Points 1
Delivery Mode Online

540 Asset Management Principles

640 Economics of Financial Management

Co requisites Nil
Unit Chair TBC
Unit Topics
  1. Asset management applications within a sustainable infrastructure context
  2. Physical infrastructure planning and urban development
  3. Whole of Life Frameworks for the planning, designing and building of safe physical infrastructure for communities
  4. The roles of various levels of government, the private sector, and other agencies in the processes for the development of physical infrastructure
  5. The importance of integrated engineering design for sustainable physical infrastructure
  6. Smart structures and sensing technologies
  7. Performance monitoring, data acquisition and analysis
  8. The impact of changing environment on physical infrastructure sustainability
  9. Resilient physical infrastructure systems that sustain, adapt, and morph with future uncertainties

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